This month the NKE team have been working tirelessly behind the scenes preparing for our October 2018 Safari! The team have been busy prepping the boat, equipment, crew and making sure the guests have everything they need to enjoy a fantastic 7 day Kiteboarding trip in the Red Sea! It’s unbelievable just how much work is required to pull these trips together, but the guy’s are all really experienced and have done an amazing job. I know they are all set now to have a fantastic week!

The guests arrived yesterday, coming from all over the world, and spent the night on board the boat in Hurghada marina. This morning they finally departed and headed out to their very first kite spot of the week. Over the next 6 days our guests will be visiting several beautiful islands, grabbing those boards, learning, practicing and simply enjoying the ride!

Just think they’ll soon be on the beautiful island of Tawila, one of the most popular kitesurfing spots here in Egypt! The wind conditions forecast for this week are looking great! With windspeeds of 11-17 knots for the first half of the week which is perfect!

As well as kiting there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy snorkelling, wakeboarding and of course time to relax on deck, topping up that tan!

If you weren’t already wishing you were joining them, I know you are now!

It’s going to be a fantastic and I can’t wait to see the video’s, pictures and smiling faces when they all return!


Meanwhile on shore our Kite Events and Lessons are in full swing and keeping our instructors on their toes!


Where will you be kiting this week?


If you are thinking of joining us for our next kite safari you can find out more here!