Kitesurfing really is a sport for everyone! Providing you can stand, walk, swim, touch your toes and hold a bar, we will have you up on that board and enjoying your time out on the water!

All Lessons & Events include:

Premium Equipment from Duotone Kiteboarding
Use of all center facilities
Equipment Insurance
Money Back Guarantee


IKO level certification  |  Semi Private Lessons |  Walkie Talkie – Tuition

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Kite Lessons

With all of our beginner lessons and refresh/coaching sessions, you will have the option of taking private 1-to-1 instruction, semi private lessons 2-to-1 instruction or group lessons with a maximum of 4 students per instructor.

Private lessons are available to book hour by hour and for group lessons, we currently have the following packages available:

1h Private
Based on current level

2h Refresh or progression coaching
Based on current level

3h Beginner Introduction (1 day)
Theory, safety, set up, first piloting & basic kite control

6h Beginner Crash Course (2 days)
Theory, safety, set up, first piloting, kite control skills, body dragging, waterstart exercises 

9h Beginner Course (3 days)
Theory, safety, set up, first piloting, kite control skills, body dragging, waterstart with board riding left & right 

12h Beginner Course Extensive (3-4 days)
Theory, safety, set up, first piloting, kite control skills, body dragging, waterstart with board riding left, right & upwind

Kite Event

Our kite events are the best option and offer good value for money if you are looking to spend a full week on the water (wind permitting of course). Instead of booking a lesson that is limited to a specific amount of hours, you’ll get 6 continuous days of non-stop kitesurfing progression.


Enjoy 2 kite sessions per day or 1 long session when you book onto our Beginner Kite Event. You will kite up to 4h per day depending upon the size of the group. Days are planned according to the forecast. As soon as you are comfortable with controlling the speed and riding upwind, you will continue the remaining days as an intermediate rider. i.e. You’ll get 1 session per day and unlimited use of the equipment to practice alone.

Intermediate & Advanced

Enjoy 1 session per day when you book onto an Intermediate or Advanced Kite Event with us. Kite for up to 2h per day depending upon the size of the group. Days are planned according to the forecast. This event also includes 6 days of full equipment hire.

In the case of no wind?

In case you have not completed 3 full days or more due to the wind conditions, you will have the option to pay only for the hours you have completed. If you complete 4 days or more, you will be charged for the full kite event.

You can arrange additional no wind activities through us too. These include Sliders Cable Park, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, SUP Tours around El Gouna, Mountain Hikes, Catamaran Trips, Horse Riding, Quad Biking and more.

Equipment Rental

Traveling light or deciding to kite last minute?

Renting equipment through us is easy! Simply let us know your size and we will have everything ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

Our equipment room is always well stocked, and all our equipment is regularly updated as well as properly maintained. We are offering rental of the latest premium kites from Duotone Kiteboarding and have a range of kites from 5m – 15m.

It’s possible to rent equipment from 2h to the full duration of your holiday. Full equipment rental starting from €60

Equipment Rental Includes:

  • Use of center facilities and beach
  • WIFI access
  • Free compressor use
  • Beach assistance for safe launching and landing
  • Rescue boat

Avoid unexpected pay outs for accidental damage to equipment by taking out equipment rental insurance with us for as little as €5 per day. Accidents can happen and kite repairs can work out expensive for riders. Although it is optional, for peace of mind, we highly recommend that you take insurance with every rental.

Kite Safari

Island Expedition

Our Red Sea Kite Safari will take you on a grand tour of Egypt’s most famous remote kitesurfing spots! As soon as you hit the ground at Hurghada International Airport our transfer service will be ready to bring you to the New Marina where your luxury home for the week is waiting!

This action-packed Island Tour is the perfect choice for every kitesurfing enthusiast! Join a group of like-minded kitesurfers from all over the globe for 7 days and ride from morning till sunset in butter flat lagoons and crystal-clear waters, visiting new islands and sites every day!

The wind conditions here are the best in Egypt! With reliable and constant winds generally, you can add another 3-5 knot on top of the shore-based forecast.

The spots are suitable for all levels. Beginners can practice and ride safely in the shallow sandy areas whilst more advanced riders will be able to choose between the flat-water lagoons or venture a little further offshore into deeper waters. There will also be the opportunity to make a downwinder from one island to another.

However, in the unfortunate event of no-wind days, there’ll be plenty of no-wind activities to keep the fun going! These include SUP, Snorkelling and even wakeboarding!
Our fully trained crew will be on hand to cater to guests onboard needs. In addition to providing beach assistance, they also take care of in-water assistance with the rescue boat when needed.


  • 16-23rd July

  • 15-22nd October

Kite Center

Nomad Kite Events is an individual kite school operating out of Element Watersports; El Gouna’s biggest watersports centre. The kite centre is modern and has everything you need to fully enjoy your kitesurfing holiday with us!

There are plenty of areas for sunbathing and to chill between the sessions. Plus there are separate areas for the compressors, launching and landing and washing equipment. Facilities include showers, clean bathrooms, as well as a terrace with a 360 view over the spot. If you are travelling with children, there is also a small playground on the beach in a shaded area.

Other activities at the centre include Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis, Windsurfing, Land-sailing, SUP & Table Soccer games.

Personal equipment stored at the centre is protected with security cameras and a night guard.

Always be sure to book with us in advance and ask at the reception for Nomad Kite Events when you arrive!

The Kite Spot

Our kite spot is ideal for beginners as well as advanced riders. It is shallow, flat and has a sandy bottom. The wind direction is usually side-onshore and you don’t need to worry about coral reefs! The lagoon is also the biggest in El Gouna with enough room on the water for everyone. The most important thing, water during low tide, which can sometimes be a problem in El Gouna. If you want to be completely by yourself you can ride a bit further out to the deep water where you can practice safely on your own.

There’s also a teaching zone for beginners where they can learn without the additional worry of getting in the way of any independent riders!

  • Free WIFI

  • Bar & Restaurant

  • Storage & Compressors

  • Beach Service & Rescue

  • Lockers & Changing rooms

  • Massage Center