Need help to find the perfect accommodation?

At Nomad Kite Events we understand that finding the perfect accommodation makes the difference between you having a good kitesurfing holiday and a great one!

Over 18 hotels for you to chose from in El Gouna + more coming soon… 

All inclusive, half board, or self-catering?
Cheap and comfortable or luxury stay?
Child friendly or adults only?
Quiet & serene or close to social hot spots?

You decide – We provide!

Why you should book your hotel through us?

  • Save time on searching for the right hotel.
  • Get the best rates through our partner tour operators
  • Book everything together- kitesurfing, hotel, excursions and airport transfers
  • Book the right hotel for you –Our extensive knowledge of El Gouna and our guests’ previous experiences, mean we can match your preferences and budget to find a hotel perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Be close to the kite centre – All of the hotels we offer are within El Gouna and only a quick Tuk-Tuk ride away from the kite centre.
  • Private Villa Option for Groups

For prices and to book contact us with your date of arrival, duration of trip, no. of people and any additional preferences.

Top Tip: Watch out for high seasons and local events – prices can be affected!