Do you provide kitesurfing equipment?

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Nomad Kite Events is committed to providing an incredible experience for its customers. Yes, you can reach out to us to get kitesurfing equipment in El Gouna. If kitesurfing is the sport for you, then feel free to reach out to us for the world-class kitesurfing equipment and enjoy services like Wifi access, beach assistance [...]

Can different levels join the kitesurfing safari?

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Yes, we believe the kite safari in El Gouna should be fun. This is why we welcome you to join us as beginner, advanced, couples, friends, or single to enjoy kiteboarding in El Gouna at its best. For more details, feel free to reach out to us at Nomad Kite Events and enjoy kite surfing [...]

What does Nomad Kite Events offer?

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Nomad Kite Events is the leading Kitesurfing school in El Gouna, offering various kitesurfing course in El Gouna that one can take advantage of. Whether the individual is a beginner in kitesurfing or an enthusiast looking to get intermediate or advanced coaching, Nomad Kite Events has it all. We also organize several kitesurfing events in [...]