Our October 2018 Kite Safari in The Red Sea Was a Hit!

We knew it would be!

Since they have returned, feedback from our guests has been pouring in! Everyone has mentioned what a fantastic time they had on safari! The group ranged all the way from beginner students to advanced riders and our instructors held lessons and coaching throughout the week.

Our team have reported back and so it’s time to share with you exactly what they’ve been up to!

Day 1 –  Tawila, Red Sea

“We left Hurghada in the morning on the very first day and headed straight to Tawila island; our first stop on the cruise. Everyone fell in love with the place! So we decided to stay over night and ride there the following morning as well.”

Day 2 – Heading North

“After lunch on the second day we continued North to one of the spots of Gaysoum Island. We had the whole beach for ourselves and rode on until nightfall.”

Day 3 & 4 – Enjoying The Scenery

” This day we woke up to absolute perfect wind conditions and enjoyed lots of kiting!  It was nice to soak up the unique scenery of deserted islands, nesting birds and even the oil rigs in the background were interesting to see.  Today, some of the guests got to have fun trying out foiling and directional boards for the first time. 

Everyday the chef exceeded our expectations bringing amazing dishes, fresh fish and calamari for us!!”

Day 5 – New Tricks, Downwinders and BBQ’s

“The next spot was so beautiful. The waters were super flat,  crystal clear and turquoise. There were beautiful shells to be found on the beach too.”

“At this point in the trip each and everyone of the guests had made huge improvements in their riding and had gained the courage to try new tricks for the first time, with the support of our on board instructors; Gogo, Tito and Mo.”

” We decided to make a massive downwinder from one island to the other followed by our safari boat and 2 rescue boats – it was a challenge at some point with some big waves coming from the open sea, but once we made it behind the islands and were sheltered by the reef we could really enjoy the discovery.”

“We all made it safely back to the beach; tired but happy!”

“In the afternoon we went to another island were the crew prepared an unforgettable BBQ in a cave!

Day 6 – Snorkelling

“On the last day we took some time out from kite surfing! We decided to stop at a famous reef for snorkelling before heading back to Hurghada. The colours of the reef and the marine life were amazing!”

Evenings in The Red Sea

“We spent the evenings with everyone hanging out together on the upper deck. Laughing, joking and enjoying the clear views of the star filled sky! We were a mix of people form all over the globe of varying ages, sharing the same lifestyle and hobbies.”

“There were some on board evening Yoga sessions and we even enjoyed some live music! Our good friend, Farid from Berlin, brought his “Hang”; a special unique instrument that he played for us through out the week!”

After The Safari!

“After the safari the group joined us in El Gouna for their very last day! We went for dinner together at a wonderful local restaurant! The food was delicious! A few of our guests were able to stay a bit longer and joined us at our home spot in El Gouna!”

“Overall it really was an amazing kite safari!”


October 2018 Safari Photo’s!

The NKE team would like to thank all of our guests, for joining us for an epic Kite Safari last month!

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Join us on Our November Season Finale Kite Safari 

On the 17th of November our final Red Sea Kite Safari of 2018 will depart from Hurghada!

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get out on the water or to learn to kite for the first time, now is your chance.

There are only a few spaces left and it’s the perfect opportunity to fit in the perfect holiday break before for the year ends!

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When I first wrote about this safari I told you just how excited